Effectively using em’s

After smashing my head against the spiked wall that IE5.x and CSS is attempting, in vain, to get em’s to behave properly so users can resize their own fonts and I can have some control over them myself I decided to have a snoop around. I can’t remember how I got there now, but I found an excellent em font article on www.clagnut.com. Make sure you see the comment by patrick h. lauke as that’s the real clincher 😉

Also, I’ve been toiling hard in the garden this weekend with Rebecca, my other half, and an old fried, Gillon. Pictures and a post to follow (once I’ve nailed this damn site).


Overclocking Hardware

I’m seriously contemplating swapping my Abit NF7-Sv2 out for a DFI NFII Ultra Infinity. They’re both based on the NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 chipset, but the NF7-S doesn’t seem to like my RAM 😦

I’ve got 2 sticks of KHX PC3000 and my rig will just not stabilise if I run the RAM at anything more than 166MHz. Even 167MHz is toast. Random program crashes, data corruption, BSODs you name it, it all happens. Apparently the NF7-Sv2 simply doesn’t like double sided RAM, especially KHX *sigh*. I know my CPU will do 215+MHz FSB since I can run that with a stick of TwinMOS PC3700 I have (slack timings). But no matter what timings (high, low or SPD) and no matter what voltage I give the KHX I’m getting nowhere.

The Infinity also has 4 SATA sockets compared to two with the NF7, which will be good when I get another hard drive; it’s only a matter of time. Also, I’m led to believe that it also has the four CPU mounting holes around the socket, which is essential for my waterblock. Well ok, it’s preferable 😉

I initially tried some TwinMOS PC3200 with this NF7, and it was never 24/7 stable. Each time I’ve had a RAM issue with it I’m tempted to jump ship and buy a P4. Then I remember the price/performance ratio of the P4 and come to my senses. However, as I really do need to get a separate rig for work that I vow I will never muck around with once it’s initially built, I may well get a P4 with that. Hyper Threading sounds like it should keep things a little happier when I’ve got a tonne of programs open all at once.

If you need help overclocking or just want some hardware advice I seriously recommend you become a member of these two forums OCUK and Xtreme Systems.

Looks like I’ve got some reading ahead of me on that DFI board 😉

CSS Positioning, Relative and Absolute

I think I’m finally getting to grips with CSS positioning. It’s been a long hard slog (cos I’m lazy) but I think it’s all beginning to sink in. HUZZAH! The trick seems to be to stick absolutely positioned stuff in relative blocks. I’m sure I read this somewhere… PIE I think. Anyway, it really does solve a multitude of problems so give it a go.

I’ve just stumbled across Tanfa while reading Doug bowman’s blog else. If, like me, you’re trying to wrap your head around CSS positioning, layout and ditching tables you may find this site very useful.

If you know of any other useful resources please leave a comment.

OSX Panther

I’ve really got to get around to trying Panther on my girlfriend’s iBook. It’s currently running 10.1 (pussy cat?) and I think that although pretty it sucks as a general use OS. Who know, maybe I’ve been Bill’s Bitch too long?

ANYWAY, my main reasoning behind wanting to try it out is so I can try out some of the OSX only programs that have been sprouting over the last couple of years. Some of the creativity in MacLand appears to excellent and I want a piece of it. WhatDoIKnow has a little piece on something called Quicksilver which I’m just itching to try. Anyone out there tried it or used it? I’d love to see a few screen shots of it and hear what it’s like from a few users. Ta 😉

First Post!

FIRST POST! YEEEEEAH! Well it’s my first ever, and now you all know I’m a nerd, oh well *shrug*. Thought I’d see what all the kerfuffle was about with Blogger and stuff, so I clicked a coupla styled buttons and graphics and here it is. It really is stupidly easy to setup (if this actually shows up where I asked it to…). Now I just need to find a decent enough quote to try the blockquote styling out. *thinking* hmm, sod it…

I’ll be back!