Weighing in at a massive 57KB, VIP Trash is finally live. This took me a shade over 10 hours from start to finish. For once everything just seemed to fall into place! It even validates, which is something I always aim for, but rarely succeed in achieving. Seems like all the learning I’ve been doing recently is beginning to pay off.

Please visit it and give me some feedback on it. Likes, dislikes, I dont care, just make them constructive please.

Time to get on with another site *sigh* I will finish it one day…


Effectively using em’s

After smashing my head against the spiked wall that IE5.x and CSS is attempting, in vain, to get em’s to behave properly so users can resize their own fonts and I can have some control over them myself I decided to have a snoop around. I can’t remember how I got there now, but I found an excellent em font article on Make sure you see the comment by patrick h. lauke as that’s the real clincher 😉

Also, I’ve been toiling hard in the garden this weekend with Rebecca, my other half, and an old fried, Gillon. Pictures and a post to follow (once I’ve nailed this damn site).

CSS Positioning, Relative and Absolute

I think I’m finally getting to grips with CSS positioning. It’s been a long hard slog (cos I’m lazy) but I think it’s all beginning to sink in. HUZZAH! The trick seems to be to stick absolutely positioned stuff in relative blocks. I’m sure I read this somewhere… PIE I think. Anyway, it really does solve a multitude of problems so give it a go.

I’ve just stumbled across Tanfa while reading Doug bowman’s blog else. If, like me, you’re trying to wrap your head around CSS positioning, layout and ditching tables you may find this site very useful.

If you know of any other useful resources please leave a comment.