Oh five. Oh! Five! Oh-five.

And so it is today, 05-05-05, 2005 May 5th. Doesn’t really matter which way you write it, you can’t get it wrong 😉 Today is today. Huzzah!

There’s lots I want to say (hah) but it’s not going to happen today unfortunately, as other things have to sorted first and other people informed. Hope everyone has had a fantastic day 🙂



Welcome Stav to the world of blogging by checking out his brand spanking new blog at http://lubzny.org/. Don’t be surprised if you see a whole bunch of changes or if it goes offline from time to time as he’s mucking about with things 😉

Welcome Stav!

Wireless Networking

I need to get a wireless network setup at home as I’m fed up with cables being everywhere. If anyone tried one of those USB WiFi adapters I’d be interested in how well they work. I’m also interested in adding Bluetooth to my rig as it’ll make transfering stuff to and from my phone a whole lot easier.

This Bluetooth necklace looks kinda strange but also like it might be usuable as well. I also like the idea of using AAA batteries as they’re cheap, powerful if you get rechargeable ones and easy to pick up pretty much anywhere if you run out of power. Wonder if you can use this with a PC and something like Skype

People who eat noisily

I think I’ll just have to write something in order to block out other noises. Hopefully this will mean I don’t go utterly insane.

Anyway, what’s happened recently? Well, I bought a car last month, courtesy of First Direct, thanks guys 😉 It’s a red, no, make that “Flash Red” Seat Leon, Y reg (end of 2001) with about 80k miles on the clock. Now that might sound like a lot, but the rest of the car is in very good condition, so I figured it was worth it considering my somewhat limited budget.

The alternator has already died, so I’m now full into owning the car and everything that entails, mainly expenses! Still I’m really happy with it and glad that I got it when I could as it will make visiting the parents this Christmas a LOT easier than it has been for the last few years on public transport. Carrying presents on trains and especially the London Underground is no fun what so ever. The ability to just dump them into the boot and just set off is fantastic.

I really want an MP3 player so I can listen to music again when I’m not at home. I’ve sold my MD recorder as I was never using the thing anyway (ah the pleasures of eBay) and now I’m without any kind of “walkman”. Also, the car only has a radio (I hate radio) and tape player (quality is too bad). The Creative MuVo V200 is very tempting at only £120, but I’m just wondering if I get a Motorola A1000 and stick 256MB TransFlash card in it instead. It would be one less thing to carry around. Hmm….

Tonight I’m going to some listen to some carols at Bath Abbey and then a little cinema at the new Odeon and a take out. Have fun.

Just found some cheaper TransFlash prices and pricing for 512MB card at valuemedia.co.uk, also I think an SD adapter will be essential in order to get stuff onto TransFlash quickly.


Weighing in at a massive 57KB, VIP Trash is finally live. This took me a shade over 10 hours from start to finish. For once everything just seemed to fall into place! It even validates, which is something I always aim for, but rarely succeed in achieving. Seems like all the learning I’ve been doing recently is beginning to pay off.

Please visit it and give me some feedback on it. Likes, dislikes, I dont care, just make them constructive please.

Time to get on with another site *sigh* I will finish it one day…